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Is a Service Dog Right for Me?
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The number of Service Dog scams are increasing at an alarming rate. Before sending money or getting involved, check out the "organization."

You Know You're Being Scammed When . . .

  1. They won't give you references.
  2. You can't visit their kennels.
  3. They won't tell you who is on their Board of Directors.
  4. The trainers don't return your phone calls.
  5. They aren't registered as a charity in their state.
  6. You can't verify their IRS 501(c)(3) status.
  7. They aren't incorporated with at least three unrelated directors.
  8. They ask that checks be made out to them personally (Write a check to the charity -- not to the person standing in front of you.).
  9. No fee or donation required to apply for a Service Dog.
  10. They won't give you a copy of their annual report.
  11. They won't give you a copy of their annual IRS Form 990.
  12. They say it costs too much to send you printed information before you make a donation.
  13. They won't tell you how long their waiting list is.
  14. The people running the organization don't use the dogs they offer.
  15. They claim they can train a dog to predict the future.

Be sure to check for complaints filed with:

  1. The local Better Business Bureau
  2. The state or local licensing board
  3. The state Attorney General's office
  4. The Secretary of State's office

For more information:

Charity Navigator
Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance
Just Give
Delta Society
IRS.gov - Search for Publication 78 to verify an organization's 501(c)(3) status.


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